About Me

Hi there,
I'm Kessem.
You will have to wade through piles of fabrics, pattern paper, magazines, clothes and two cats to get to me. Good Luck.

I live in Israel and got released from the army a while ago. I'm in the typical stage of released soldiers  where I'm "trying to find myself". This basically means I've been waitressing and sewing for the past 6 months. This has done very little for my self esteem but greatly expanded my creative abilities. (it's amazing what you can learn when you have a little free time!).
I can honestly say the I go to sleep thinking about sewing and wake up doing just the same.

I'm still trying to figure life out. In the mean time. I sew.


  1. Hey hun,
    hope you are well!
    This week I was lucky enough to win three awards and I have chosen you as one of my nominees!!!
    Your blog and your ideas are fantastic and your feedback is wonderful too, so thank you :D
    here is the link to the post:
    I hope you enjoy your awards
    Hannah xXx

  2. How cute are you?! Thanks for the award. I'm so glad it's brought me to your blog, which is gorgeous. You've made some lovely stuff! I'm adding you to my Google Reader RIGHT NOW.


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