Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to fix your sewing machine

My worst nightmare is having my sewing machine stall in the middle of sewing a garment. It can get so frustrating! I always end up calling the store I bought my sewing machine (it's kind of like an old fashioned store that specializes in sewing machine. They always listen to my machine through the phone and tell me whats wrong with it, seriously, they're like sewing machine doctors with stethoscopes for ears.)

 In case you were wondering what a sewing machine looks like.

I encountered this ebook a few days ago and thought maybe it was a good idea to invest in a book that explains step by step ow to identify problems with your sewing machine.
What do you guys think? would you buy such a thing?
If your sewing machine doesn't sew like this:

You might want to try it yourself! click here!

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