Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Few Cool Sewing Things from Boston

No, I did not buy fabric. (I'm going fabric shopping tomorrow in Philly though!), I just wanted to share with you guys a few cool things a saw in Boston that I immediately took pictures of so that I can show you guys.

So, I saw this store front on Newberry Street:

Sorry for not being able to take a picture of glass without me staring back at you.

you see the four vintage sewing machines? isn't that cool for a store front? you know whats even cooler?


and you know whats even cooler?

(no picture for that, sorry)

I nearly burst into the shop begging them to give me one, I mean, they're not even using them! it was a RTW store. It was high end and everything, but I just cant imagine them saying - oh you need us to shorten that? sure why don't I just pull my vintage Singer sewing machine off the shelf here and sew it. Now, I can't remember which of the 200 had a black bobbin, but if you'll help me we can find it in the next 15 min.

Next, we went to a Modern Art Museum (no idea why I capitalized that) and I saw this:

It's a cube of sewing needles that is holding itself together by basic physics laws (no glue, nothing!) my dad's a physics professor and he wouldn't believe it. he walked around the cube for a while waiting for the guard to turn so that he could poke it. he didn't.

Imagine having that as a needle holder instead of a stupid magnet. you'd never run out of sewing needles! (today I was hemming the bottom of a blouse and had to do it in segments because I didn't have enough pins. I really have no idea where they go off to.)

This made me laugh.

Please don't unfollow my blog because I make stupid jokes.
They're toothbrush holders that attach themselves to your mirror. And you may not lick them.

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  1. So cool!! I love the suction cups, their so cute. I would totally buy one for my daughter

    -Solomon Berkovitch


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