Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Costume, or how I managed to post this two months late

Hi everyone!

Well, I know it's been too long. life has been way to hectic lately and I just wasn't in the right state of mind to blog. Sometimes you just need a vacation - right? However, I WAS in the right state of mind so sew, and I did a lot of it, so I have a lot of projects to show you guys! Hooray!

Anyway, two months ago we had Purim, which is our version of Halloween (only less cool because we don't get trick or treating and we celebrate it because another foreign leader tried to terminate us. On the other hand getting drunk is a mitzva on Purim, so it's a good adult holiday). I wanted to sew my own costume but since Jewish holidays are celebrated according to the Jewish calender, they're never on the same date - even the month varies! This means that if we don't actually look at our Israeli calenders that combines the two, I'm always surprised and realize Purim is just around the corner like two weeks ahead. This meant I had to make do with stuff I had lying around, thankfully I have weird clothes so this wasn't too difficult. I ended up dressing up as a makeshift vintage stewardess:

vintage stewerdess costume

I don't think you can really tell but the skirt I'm wearing is the skirt from the Mystery Pocket Tutorial that I have yet to wear in a non costume format.
I had some fabric left and decided to make a tie inspired by Sonja  from Project Runway (this had nothing to do with Purim as well) so I pretty much had everything ready (thought I know it's very historically inaccurate).

vintage stewerdess costume

The tie was pretty easy to figure out how to make, it's basically three strips of fabric, one for the tie, one for the strap around the neck and one little strip to tie them together. I have yet to wear this out of Purim context as well, I think I may over reach a little when I sew in terms of how adventurous I am with my dressing. Do you ever do that?

This is where I got the inspiration - can you blame me? how cool does she look? I have to say I'm digging the length of her shorts as well - it may be even work appropriate (we have very low standards here at my company).

vintage stewerdess costume

I also made a hat! This was especially for the event, I don't think I would wear this otherwise. It came our pretty smushed and weird but I think it gave the right idea. I was pretty proud of myself for figuring it out, even if it kind of looked like someone sat on it.

I'm even wearing anchor earrings I made out of buttons! (This is actually the only item I wore out this ensemble,  sad but true).

vintage stewerdess costume

These pictures are from work, can you believe it? We had a costume contest (which I did not win) so we all got our pictures taken and I made stupid poses. These were later sent to everyone in the company. Everyone. It is a mystery why I still have a job.

What do you think about my last minute costume??

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