Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Double Collar Blouse

I decided to up my game a bit and make something more of myself. Whats does that mean,  you ask? No, I did not get a college degree or start a multi - million dollar company. I drafted a collar, a double collar for that matter!

Now this is by far not the first collar I've drafted, but:
1) I had to prove to you, readers, that I can do it.
2) It's a double collar. Double the madness.

A superman pose for a superman double collar mission.
I'm sorry for the bad photography, I had to use the self timer which resulted in a lot of stupid crotch pictures (I discovered this happens from leaning over the camera and accidentally taking a picture instead of turning on the self timer) and - there's a spaceship landing next to me which is why my hair is flying in the wind and all the lighting is weird - photos.

  Also I couldn't find our huge professional tripod, so I had to use a tiny one so all the pictures are
table - high. Thus, the Boob Picture is born:

The collar is a little standy-uppy here but it really does sit nicely.

The fabric I used was a kind of light jersey, I always refrain from buying jersey as it doesn't make me oooh and aaah in the fabric store as chiffon and other flowy fabrics do. This fabric was so easy and fun to sew I'm completely rethinking this whole idea. Next time I'll do a little dance when I get to the jersey pile.

I used my own bodice to draft the pattern, I adjusted the neckline a bit and made it scoop lower. I then drafted the collar according to the new neckline.

I cut a strip of fabric using the curve of the neckline to create the binding for the collar, sewed it to the collar and top stitched it to the shirt to insure a clean stitch.

The bottom of the shirt has an elastic (I know you can't see it in the pictures), I just made a basic casing for it and inserted it using a safety pin.

What do you think?
I can show you reader, if you like, how to draft the double collar, let me know if you're interested!

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