Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crochet Collar Blouse

This blouse was a nightmare. The fact that I still call it a blouse even though it's sleeveless (am I right to think that blouses can't be sleeveless? I can never get my head around th shirt/blouse difference) should show you that my bruised ego will not let this one go.

crochet collar shirt

So I'm not saying it's not a nice blouse shirt. I made it a few weeks ago and I've already worn it plenty of times and I've even gotten compliments. But the makings of this shirt was so frustrating it nearly brought me to tears and made me rethink the whole idea of sewing and if I'm even good at it.
I now know I was having a sewing related breadown and that just because I failed at one shirt doesn't really mean I can't sew.

crochet collar shirt

What was so frustraing, you ask? well, first, I was really excited about this collar and about this fabric, it has such a deep plum color and it's so beautiful. I wanted to make a really sweet blouse with the collar being the highlight. and I was hung up on the idea of making tulip sleeves. I can't seem to find my initial inspiration, but it was the cutest little tulip sleeve made from baby blue chiffon with dainty lace trim. I was so inspired and I had figured out quite easily how to draft the sleeves. 
Only, something got messed up along the way, I had to redo the sleeves twice only to have the final product look unappealing and frustrating. Chiffon can be SUCH a difficult fabric and I really don't know what I was thinking when I decided to try this using chiffon. In retrospect I should have used an easier to handle fabric (that was not so hard to cut and hem for instance) just to try out the style. I was so worn out by the end of this ordeal that I didn't even attempt to embelish the shirt in any other way. I just finished off the armholes and threw it in the closet in fustration.

Now, a few weeks later, I can say I'm happy with the shirt - I mean just making the crochet collar is a cool addition to a blouse and a new thing for me, but at the time all I could think of is that I'm unimaginative and that all I can make are sleeveless shapeless tops with collars (see Double Collar Blouse, and I will show you more evidence of this in the following posts where I unearth more of these drab garments) 

crochet collar shirt

Anyway, I made the collar using Sophie's  Detachable Collar Tutorial from the blog Iro Iro.
It was the first thing I made using crochet and it was SO fun. I already told you about my crochet craziness. This is what started it.
I promise you, my next few projects won't have even a trace of yarn.

crochet collar shirt

I tried to get sassy and do the high low hem. Only I didn't really make it a continuoes line but made the front a straight line and the back a long curve. Not sure if I like it or not. Oh well.

Is it strange that I wore a denim skirt? I know they're really out of date but something made we want to wear them with this blouse, especailly since I tend to pair everything else with either high waisted black short or skirts.

What about you, dear readers? do you often get frustrated with sewing projects? do you let it get to you? how do you deal with disappointments related to sewing? 

Also, I'm sorry for the big break I took, we're in the US on vacation and we're just so busy. I can honestly say I was thinking of the blog ( and sewing) constantly, so you were always in my thoughts! I hope I'll be able to post again soon as I'm taking a trip to Maine for a week.

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