Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DIY Neon Cap Shoe

Sometimes I have trouble latching on to ideas and trends. I don't know if i consider myself incredibly open minded about fashion, but looking at other blogs i can really tell that I might be a little behind when it comes to completely embracing new and bizarre trends.

Exhibit A:

Neon Bag

How shiny are this girls legs? I wish my legs looked so soft and perfect, they even have a neon yellow aura! (yes I am aware that the laws of physics - the light bouncing off the bag and reflecting on her leg - are what cause her legs to shine in yellow and not some divine intervention. Let a girl yearn and slobber over some other girls legs. Jeez.)

Neon Blazer

Neon Dress

I don't know if I ever see myself standing on a beautiful sun washed staircase (that's probably leading to the Collosium or the MET or something) wearing a huge puffy yellow dress oh so casually texting my identically dressed boyfriend not minding that half my dress is cleaning up the streets of New York (or Rome).

So maybe wearing a full on neon garment is a little too much for me (even though I have to admit, I'm completely falling in love with the blazer in the picture above and already looking for a neon yellow messenger bag on ebay), but this is a nice alternative - how about a neon capped shoe?

Neon Capped Shoe

Check out the easy Diy over at A Pair and Spare

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