Monday, September 10, 2012

About stripe matching

Ever since I've started sewing, I feel like I notice more details in garments while shopping or looking for inspiration. For instance, if I see the back seam of an unlined jacket is finished with a hong kong style binding I'm impressed. I've never seen french seams in an RTW garment but I'd throw a whole parade for a garment like that. Right in the store.

On the other hand, seeing poorly made clothes DRIVES ME NUTS. I'm not talking about fraying seams and stuff like that, (I'm assuming non sewers notice that too?), BUT IF YOU'RE GOING TO SELL A DRESS FOR 60 $ TAKE THE TIME TO MATCH YOUR F&#$% STRIPES!
fewoh! I've been bursting to say that.
This is what I'm talking about:
I usually love Modcloth's products, I frequently peruse their site for inspiration (excellent evidence of this here), but this is just too much! I mean the stripes are at least  half an inch off (and I'm not even going to start about the skirt). Do people really pay 60$ for such a mistreated garment? I would think even non sewers would find this annoying.

What do you guys think? am I making too much of a big deal out of this? do you find that you look at all the tiny little details when you go shopping? (and your friends find you obnoxious and keep their shopping excursions secret so that you don't come an spoil all their badly made -in - china garments?)

Again, I'm not dissing Modcloth (ok, maybe I am a little), not to worry though, I have absolutely no spine and will, in about five minutes, go back to searching the Modcloth site while Oooing and Aaaahing.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I am in complete agreement hun! I would be appalled if i saw this in a store. matching up stripes can be tricky at times but there's no excuse when you are buying it from such a well known chain. Would be a nice dress if it lined up though xXx

    1. I know! thats why I look at it at first! the front is beautiful! I'm too afraid to look at what the sides look like, I don't want to hate the store completely

  2. I'm more willing to be forgiving if the stripes are more pinstripe-y (though not this far off) because I've sewn with pinstripes several times, and they can be tedious and tricky. Especially on angled seams. But no, I would never buy a dress with the stripes this far off, and I have to wonder if even non-sewistas would bother with it either. It's just too obvious, and if this was the sample, it makes me wonder how bad the others are?

    1. I'm really picky about stripe matching (which is why I never sew stripes) I would accept this mistake in pinstripes either! but it is more obvious with the wider stripe, I agree.
      I agree! you're think they'd make the effort to match the stripes for the sample at least!

  3. Wow. That is abysmally poor. I can't believe how my eyes have been opened towards RTW clothing now that I sew... It's much easier to pick whether something is completely over-priced for the quality you get, or vice versa. I don't mind paying for the latter.

    I'm a reader of the Fashion Incubator blog - all about how clothes get designed/patterned/cut/made for commercial manufacturing - this garment has been cut incorrectly.

    Whats totally embarrassing is that Modcloth obv have no shame in posting a dress like this for sale!!!

    You are absolutely not making a big deal out of this... I couldn't agree more - the details maketh the garment ;)

    1. I JUST read an entry in Fashion Incubator about stripe matching, and I guess I should have realized this earlier - not only does it take more tie to cut patterns so that the stripes will match (and time=money), it takes more fabric too! which also means more money! but you'd think that if they're making these dresses in third world countries (which I' assuming modcloth does) it would only be a few cents of a difference. but I guess it adds up. I'm not very much of a business woman.
      The surprising thing to me is that people actually bought it (I looked at the reviews) and their complaints were about the fabric and how tight it was. not one said anything about stripe matching! I wonder if I'd care this much if I wasn't a sewer!

    2. Yup, more money AND more time. But like you I don't get that people wouldn't notice something as blazingly obvious as completely mis-matched stripes! People. Are. Dumb.

    3. well, as long as we don't fall into that category and they (stupid people) don't talk to me, I don't care.



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