Saturday, January 5, 2013

Black Tie Event T Shirt

Hello there!
How were your New Years celebrations?? I had a great time though there was a lot of regretful feelings the next day at work. I wore my Knight in Shining Armor Shirt, as I believe that one should dress in shiny garments in the new year (hopefully by next year I'll make a sequin dress!), with a black tutu-esque skirt. I felt so fancy! Did you wear a me-made garment?

Now that the holidays are over, it's time to get back to business. I made this shirt for my dad's birthday. He's the opposite of a fancy dresser in the extreme, he won't go to events that require fancy attire - that's how much he's afraid of it. Luckily, his job doesn't require fancy dressing (He's a physicist), he tends to go to talks wearing a funny t shirts and shorts.
My dad has been bugging me to make him something ever since I started sewing but he's always asked for far fetched things like a long wool coat or a leather jacket, so when the word T Shirt came up I finally decided it was time to take the plunge and make him something. In the spirit of funny T Shirts, I though I'd make him something that he could wear to talks that would be a tiny bit fancy if worn under a jacket yet still funny.

tie t shirt, fancy t shirt, white tie
Yes I know you're all laughing out loud.

Anyway, I figured this is a cheeky way to wear a tie (as my dad hasn't worn a tie since his Bar Mitzva). I use Burdastyle's Pete (it's free!) and it's a pretty good pattern. I didn't make a muslin because I wanted this to be a surprise so I just figured I wing it. There are a few alterations I'd make in the future if I ever make this again - for one, shortening the shoulder width.. any other suggestions as to what I should change? I can see that it doesn't fit perfectly but I can't decide exactly what to do...
Otherwise the pattern was very easy to sew, I think I cut a large, which, again, I can't decide if it was the best size.. The sleeves have the biggest hem in the world which is kind of ridiculous, it's like 2.5 inches, WHY?? They also kind of stick up, I'm wondering if that's improve once I shorten the shoulder length? hmm

tie t shirt, fancy t shirt, white tie

I finished the neckline using this excellent tutorial rather than using ribbing for the neckline like the pattern suggested. It was so easy and it looks professional as well! It calls for serging the band to the neckline and then topstitching it.

tie t shirt, fancy t shirt, white tie  

 I  used this terrible white poly fabric for the tie, I don't know when or why I bought this fabric but I have tons of it and I have no idea what to do with it. only 300 yards more to figure out what to do with.
The tie came out a bit crooked, it was absolutely impossible to sew on straight. At some point I got frustrated and just figure I'd stick with what I've got.

tie t shirt, fancy t shirt, white tie

My dad wore it to a talk with a jacket and nicer pants than in the photo (which basically means not jeans) and got many compliments! Apparently physicists have a fashion sense as too.

tie t shirt, fancy t shirt, white tie

And finally if you didn't think we were weird enough, here's my father attempting to look like a porn star. You may unfollow my blog now.

Have you ever made menswear before?

Also I have a final general thought. I managed to make two blouses this weekend and it got me thinking - does the fact that I can make garments so quickly mean that I'm in a sewing stand-still? That I should be trying to techniques and drafting more complex patterns? I guess one of the reasons I managed to make up the two blouses so quickly is because the patterns were ready so that reduced the time significantly. But still, does sewing only count if you feel like you've learned something from the project? Sometimes I don't feel like plunging into a big project, especially since I only sew on weekends. Can sewers only improve if they try ambitious projects? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Cute tie! And good work on the Tshirt. The neckline finish is great.

    And yes. Time to step up the difficulty I think! Maybe you can start working on the wool jacket for next years birthday?!

    1. Thanks! I'm proud of the neckline finish.
      Hmm I didn't want to hear that I guess! but you're right, I've made a two jackets in the past few weeks I've yet to post them, I know) so I am stepping it up, but I think I'll make an attempt at another jacket this weekend!


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