Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sewing Block

Hi Everyone,

As told you in my last post, I've been having a rough time with sewing lately. This is the main reason I haven't been posting lately. It's not that I don't have anything to post, to be honest, I have a few project photographed and ready to go. It's the fact that I feel completely uninspired. I want my posts to be interesting and usfull for you guys and not just showcase my garment photos, which is why I've been stalling posting anything. I tried putting together a post the other day, and I couldn't bring myself to write more than a few sentences about the garment I made. I could have posted that, just to calm my guilty feelings about my lack of posting, but I really feel like this would have been a disservice to this blog and to you readers. Why would you want to read something I didn't even want to write?

I decided to take the week off, try sewing again over the weekend and get over myself. Well, that didn't go very well. I've been sewing the same dress for the last three weekends and always find a reason to stop sewing it. The main thing was that it came out too short (because of miscalculating the length of the half circle skirt on my part) and I couldn't decide how to fix it, as I didn't have any fabric left.
I ended up adding a half circle skirt of out black tulle chiffon that's about 5 inches longer than my skirt.

I hate it.

The sewing is pretty bad, the color combination isn't my favorite, the hem came out kind of crooked (god knows how) and it just looks plain silly.

This is a terrible picture of the dress, but as I decided to write this post on a whim I had to take this picture in the dark. The real color of the dress is kelly green and it has  button up placket up the front of the bodice, which I have yet to attach buttons to out of frustration. I was going to add black fabric covered buttons to match the bottom skirt, but now I don't know if I can even look at this dress.

(The only part of this picture I'm proud of is the painting in the back which I made a few years ago)

I wasn't going top post anything, since frankly, I feel like shit. But then I thought, you sew. I'm sure we all feel uninspired sometimes, right? Why should I feel like this is something only I go through? I know this sounds dramatic, but sewing really is my creative outlet and it feels so weird to not want to do it.

I've been thinking of ways to deal with the situation, I thought that maybe sewing something simple to ease myself back in would do the trick, what do you think? I just really can't handle another failed dress right now.
I've been eying lingerie for a while now (evidence here) and I'm thinking maybe making some panties will be my salvation?

I'm sure I'm not the only one going through this, any friendly advice?

Also, do you guys know of any online stores that sell lingerie notions and ship to Europe or Asia (Israel hehe) for a reasonable price?

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