Saturday, October 19, 2013

Um... Hi

Well, Hello.

I feel happy and extremely guilty writing this post. I haven't looked at the blog or sewed in over two months. Part of this is because I was away for most of the time and didn't have a sewing machine but I'll be completely honest here and say - I haven't even WANTED to sew. Is that horrible?

Anyway, I'm back. I can't promise I'll be posting much, I started school a week ago (here in Israel we start school REALLY late because we have a military service between high school and college) and since I'm studying physics, I'm not sure I'll have much time for a life in general. I go to school in Jerusalem, which means I live in a small apartment and don't have my sewing machine with me. I'll only be sewing on weekends, if ever, between studying and whatever other student-ey things I'll be doing. I've decided I'm going to ease slowly back into the sewing world, starting with getting up to date with my sewing blogs and maybe get inspired a bit.

This time away from sewing has got me thinking. How could I love something so much for one minute and then feel totally apathetic towards it for another? Is this because sewing is "passionate" for me that sometimes the passion just runs out? Do I need to go to a couples shrink?

What have you been lately? Any tips on how to get back in the game?

Thank you all for you support and AMAZING comments!

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