Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thoughts on Plaid

I really really do.

Especially, the bad kind of Plaid.
what do I mean by that?

Plaid that's printed irregularly. YES! that exists!
It's proof you want?

White stripes indicate stripes that are matched, red stipe indicates stripe that is not matched even though everything around it IS.


I then resigned to matching only the horizontal stripes, which does not make me happy but I really don't have a choice.
I spent two hours yesterday matching the stripes while cutting the pattern and I then spent another two hours mathcing the stripes in order to sew the pieces together? worth it? I don't know.

I'm attempting to recreate this blouse with this fabric:

Isn't it absolutely amazing?? let us see if I will be successful!

What do you guys think about plaid? Have you ever had issues with uneven printing of stripes? what didyou do to fix this?
I wonder, what is the general opinion on this - I haven't managed to match my tripes completely as I stupidly decided to make this blouse with princess seams (I really deserve a whack on the head), would you completely scrutinize a sewer who didn't match their plaids/stripes completely or is this an acceptable err?

Thought about the blouse??


  1. I don't have the patience to sew with plaid, but I'm hopelessly in love with it anyway.

    I think this blouse will be amazing, can't wait to see it! :-)

    1. I thought I did, but I now think that I might not!
      I'm also planning to make the Colette Clover pants with plaid fabric and kind of kicking myself for it.

  2. I love plaid but have never really gotten round to sewing with it - it is on my to do list! I love the inspiration for your blouse though - can't wait to see it :D xxx

    1. Thank you! I recommend it but with caution, it really difficult do match the plaid perfectly (as shown above) it takes practice!

  3. Looking forward top seeing how it comes out!

  4. I think the plaid you have in a one way plaid, so it is not symmetrical. If you flip it over so the underside is on top, it looks as if it will match. I love plaids but I also insist that they match everywhere! I've sewn with handwoven Thai silks stripes and plaids and they are usually uneven so nothing ever matches... :(. Love your blouse idea!

    1. thanks! actually I had them in the right direction because I took the picture right after I cut the fabric and I cut it all in the same direction.. I really think it has to do with the fabric! thanks for the idea though!
      I managed to get the plaid to match width wise which I think is the most obvious... oh well! no one but me will notice anyway!
      I finished the blouse and wore it a few times already and I'm SO happy with it! I'll post pictures soon!


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