Monday, September 24, 2012

Stud Ye Collar

Finally I am back with a creation post!

I made this shirt in my sleevless-blouses-with-collars faze. I'm am sad to say that it lasted too long, which caused me to have a I'm-not-even-a-little-bit-creative-when-I'm-sewing breakdown. Does this ever happen to you? when you feel like all you're doing looks exactly the same? Anyway, after making my Double Collar Blouse and my Crochet Collar Blouse I felt like I was overdoing the idea. I am now staying away from collars and sleeves blouses and have started with a new obssesion, now all my shirts have a distinct vintage sillouete to them, as in, wider at the shoulders and come in at the waist.  It seems that I am incapable of making only one shirt of a kind, I insist on using the same pattern (as I draft them myself) and decide to clothe a whole country with them. why is that?

Also, if I ever write a novel I am using the picture above in the "about" section. Even though I am not by a book case or wearing glasses (which means I will not be taken seriously in the literate world) it has a I-did-not-pose for this quality and you can kind of see my bra through the fabric (more on this later) which is always a plus.

I have taken to like sewing with jersey. I bought this gold-silver fabric and had no idea what I would do with it.  I always have trouble with unique fabric. I feel like the right move is to make a simple garment and let the fabric speak for itself, but why do I sew if I let the fabric do all the speaking? I want some Kessem speeches in my clothes, otherwise I will have to compensate with the use of my verbal attributes which are over used as is (a least according to my mother).
How do you feel about this readers? do you make complicated garments with complicated fabrics or do you like to let your fabric do the work?

I almost wore this shirt to a job interview. THANK GOD I DID NOT. I HAD NO IDEA THIS BLOUSE WAS SO SHEER. I now understand the looks I have been getting from middle aged men while wearing this shirt.

I bought these studs in attempt to be trendy. I had them for quite a while before using them (their first debut was in the Chain of Fools Blouse in which they embellished the pocket.) I have to say, studding is addicting, even though I'm not set on having them on every garment I make I WANT to add them to everything. EVERYTHING. I fixed one of my mom's reusable shopping bags a few days ago and found myself thinking about embellishing them all with studs. My mom will be the most stylish shopper at Whole Foods is all I'm saying.

I attached the collar to the shirt with cotton bias tape, which was half a mistake and half genius. the reason it was a mistake is because the bias tape is MUCH heavier than the fashion fabric so it kind of pulls the fabric down and gapes a little. the genius part of it is that the bias tape offers stabilization to the collar (as I usually don't add stabilizer to jersey) which is nice.
Now that I have my handy dandy Bias Tape Maker I don't think I'll do this again. but just know that this is possible, if not stupid.

The only issue I have with this shirt is that it's too short and I can only wear it with very high waisted bottoms to avoid looking like a pop-over.

and with that I leave you with some questions from this post:
1) do you get into sewing rants and sew the same style garment over and over like I do?
2) How do you feel about interesting fabric? do you focus on it's uniqueness or somehow mold it into your own creation?
3) do you stupidly mix sewing fabrics and feel so ashamed of it you confess to the sewing world in the hope of getting penance?

That is all my friends!

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