Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Is it a shirt? Is it a dress?

The shirt dress.

So I decided to tackle the shirt dress. I know this isn't really the typical shirt dress as this is made from stretch fabric. Also, but this is between you and me, the buttons don't really open, that's me - you think I'm gonna zag and then I zig, you think I'm going to zig and then I zag. Only I didn't use a single zig zag stitch in this whole dress. Oh do I love my serger.

(also, I have to admit I love my hair in this photo. This rarely happens - my hair loving moments. I'm glad I have proof of it online. Now if anyone asks me "How the hell do you walk around with your hair looking like that?" I can email them this post. This is why I keep a blog)

I'm very happy with this dress for the following reasons:
1) I got this fabric for free! One of my sewing friends (I promise you she was my friend before she became my sewing friend) didn't like this fabric (and for this, I'm contemplating ceasing to being her friend) and just gave it to me.
2) I managed to make it out of a meter of fabric. (initally I wanted it to have a huge circle skirt to give it a nice vintage feel, but I didn't have enough fabric. I guess you can't have everything.)
3) I drafted it myself using my custom bodice! I'm very impressed with myself.

Yes I know, I'm completely wasting your time with all this rambeling. I can already hear you shouting, "Kessem, why are you talking so much? I want to see a closer picture of your face"


Now you regret making me stop talking, huh?

I attached the collar in the same method you're supposed to attach it in a button up shirt (Instead of using some sort of binding, I attached the collar like it was binding to the neckline in itself. get it? It's kind of a more abstract way of looking at a collar. Spiritual, if you will.)

Also, I attached the skirt in the same method I did in my Maxi Dress. My mom hates this and keeps trying to get me to wear belts over my waist. That's what I call supporting my hobbies.

I'm really glad you guys are getting to know all my shoes. If there is something I like only slightly less than sewing (food being the first and foremost my favorite thing in the world) it's shoes. I'm not going to tell you how many shoes I own because it's kind of embarrassing and stands against everything I believe in (consumerism, spending money, ruining your joints for the sake of beauty)

And with these Idiological words, I will part you with a picture of me abusing my cat.

I am kidding. I love my cat even more than I love food.


  1. Super cute! I like the idea of a shirt-dress in a stretch fabric... Shirt dresses look great on a model but I think they tend to fit a lot of women poorly when they're made in that stiff cotton/shirt material. stretch solves that problem!!

    1. thanks! I LOVE it! I agree, the stretch fabric makes it more flattering!
      BUT I do love vintage looking shirt dresses such as the one kate middleton wore:[term]=recent&filters[primary]=images
      I think the fact that it's kid of tight at the top but loose at the bottom should work for any body type!
      I'm making something VERY similar.. I'll post about it soon!


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