Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chiffon Blouse

Well, this is one of the blouses I wish I had my serger while making it. If you look closely you can tell the seams are falling apart because everything is fraying.
And let me tell you, trying to serge the seams after the fact does not make the shirt look clean made - it just makes it look like it's going to explode on your body and the nothing can contain the size of your breasts.

I drafted this pattern from my custom bodice, it was pretty easy to make as it didn't require many alterations to reach this final pattern.
I'm also wearing my favorite pants. I don't wear them often as they are quite thick and they don't really go with everything, but I love the color and it makes me so happy that I can wear yellow at least in the lower portion of my body. Apparently, I have a a yellow-ish hue in my skin tone and any time I wear yellow (especially since the tips of my hair are kind of yellow) I look like a Trini, the Yellow Power Ranger.

 I kind of wish I was her.

Anyway, I still love this shirt, I feel like it's kind of elegant but sweet at the same time. but that's just me.

The weekly close up. How do you like my face this week?

Yellow Booty. I am a true Power Ranger.

I had issues with finishing the hems and so on. I made a weird version of a baby hem at the bottom, but for some reason it doesn't hold out that well either.
Anyone know any great tips for dealing with chiffon? It's such a troublesome fabric.

Ok, that's it. I have no more very similar and decent pictures.

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  1. I like the shirt... It doesn't look like its unravelling at the seams from here ;)


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