Thursday, June 14, 2012

My kind of failed Peplum Blouse

As Promised, here's my new peplum blouse!
I'm not very happy with the outcome, it came out kind of short and the fabric frays like crazy.
I kind of feel like I'm wearing an upside down umbrella.

I might as well buy myself a pack of gum and knock of Orbit's Offices door because I am ready to go.

Yup, I'm perfect model material.

 How do you like my neckfolds? oh, how do I love unveiling my human anatomy on the internet.

The back is kind of nicer. I guess this length kind of works with a high waist-ed skirt, I tried wearing it with a pair of jeans it just does not work.

Reasons why I don't like this blouse:
1) LOOK AT ALL THE FRAYING. I can barely close the buttons anymore because the buttonholes are fraying so much. stupid stupid fabric.
2)  It's kind of tight in the chest area. The fact that the buttonholes keep falling apart doesn't make the blouse stay closed either, let me tell you that. I wore this blouse to the super market, and I couldn't understand why the grocer was so happy to help me find oranges until I realized the blouse was half open.
3) Also:

 The armholes are too big. and it's quite noticeable because I finished my seams with bias tape and they're kind of stiff.
In case you don't believe me.

Anyway, this pattern was pretty easy to draft so I think I'll give it another go.
What do you think?

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