Monday, June 11, 2012

Finally! The Circle Shirt!

I've been having so much trouble with taking pictures of the circle shirt I've almost given up, luckily I haven't, so you aren't missing out on all the circle-ly goodness.


Wondered what you'd look like wearing the circle shirt to the office? Yup, this is it. Especially if there's a wall on the way to your office, then this picture is just head on accurate.
I would suggest making it out of a less sheer fabric, unless your office is Casual Friday all week long, which to that I say - time to try The 21st Century Pyjama Power Suit, good for you.

Probably shouldn't hug anyone at the office though, it could get messy.
I can just imagine myself trying to reenact a scene like this and just flying away mid slow-motion run:

Aah, emotional reunions. Must restrain myself.

I really don't know how I managed to make the same exact face in all three pictures, I guess all those hours of watching America's Next Top Model paid off. Behold! The Smize!

Yup. I got that down.

And now from the back. 
As you can see, I hemmed this skirt over two years ago and I still have threads hanging out of it no matter how much snipping I do. Oh well.

I made a little crochet collar. I'm pretty impressed with myself as it really didn't take long and I've only learned how to crochet recently through Youtube Videos. Let me know if you want a little tutorial on this.

Yes I know, now I'm just bragging.

Last but not least: ARMPIT.

So whatchya think?? Have any of you guys had a chance to make this? If you have, please send me pictures!

Haven't seen the tutorial yet? Check it out here.


  1. Looks great! I think the sheer fabric was a good idea. I may try this one day if I get up the courage to sew with slippery little fabrics like that.

    1. It really wasn't too bad. I guess because I used tulle chiffon that was kind of stretchy and didn't fray a bit so it was pretty easy to sew!
      you know whats hell? chiffon.
      and I have tons of it.


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