Monday, June 18, 2012

Bow (to me) Dress

I am an ombre goddess. I can't imagine why my arms look like this. I look like someone held me upside from my legs and dip dyed my arms in brown dye. This really does defy all the laws of physics. How could the sun be so in-sync with the fashion trends? Next I'll have a chevron pattern on my legs.

Next let us discuss the difference of hue between my arms and legs. Could this be the same body? Is my stomach green? Will my toes turn translucent to complete the ombre look? Let us observe the picture in black in white to get the full effect.

This is ridiculous. I've always dreamed of posting a black and white photo of myself in the blog, it always seemed silly.
Now it doesn't.

What the Bow are you talking about?
This bow:

I made this dress out a self drafted pattern. The fabric is stretchy so I obviously didn't need and darts or anything.
The skirt is a simple gathered skirt. (it's basically a rectangle that I gathered at the waist).
I love the neckline of the dress, it's kind of sexy yet doesn't show any boobage at all!

This is what the bow would look like if you were a pirate.
I've been having too much fun with my photo editing program.

I have decided to spare you from seeing the bow one more time.

There really is nothing interesting to say about this dress. It's pretty straight forward. I have to admit that I've had it for a while but haven't worn it that often, something about the color of the dress and my complexion doesn't really work.



  1. The bow detail is a perfect touch! Also, I wish I could even get an ombre-d arm effect: I never tan, just burn. Then my skin goes straight back to white afterwards!

    1. Thank you!
      I guess I should be thankful I tan, but this is too much for me!


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